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show costumes

show costumes

show costumes

show costumes

Who we are?

Our brand offers spectacular attire and accessories to all types of stage performers. We can make the proper outfit for dancers, singers, illusionists, fantasy film actors and actresses, as well as the participants of a special event (e.g. beauty contests, festivals, balls).

We have currently a monumental, colorful, gorgeous and show-specific costume repertoire.
Photos can be watched on our gallery.

We guarantee high quality, diversity and flexibility to our customers. We can accomplish any dreamed conception including totally individual requests. All of our products are hand-sewn and processed with meticulous care. We use Swarovski crystals and unique elements (e. g. sequins, fringes, feathers, laces) for decoration.

  • spectacular attire and accessories
  • gorgeous and show-specific costume
  • high quality and flexibility
  • hand-sewn products
  • Swarovski crystals and unique elements

Orsolya Lovászi

chief designer and brand owner

I’ve always loved dealing with design and dressmaking. Aesthetically flawless appearance and striking, sexy or glamorous look is very important for me because I am also a professional competitive dancer and a revue performer. So I have wide range of experience in this area.

In the beginning creation of show costumes was a hobby, today it is a passion and a serious enterprise. At first I made fancy-dresses for our own productions, currently I make them for all over the world.

My strength is producing show costumes in every style (for women and men), besides I create individualized dresses, evening gowns, fanciful jewelers (e. g. earrings, necklaces, bikini body chains, mask-like jewellery adornments), sexy bras or lingerie, feathered headpieces or wings, spectacular tails, blossoms, shoe-decorations, fancy hats, everything you want.

You can order your own dress

You can order products directly from us.

Rental of dresses

Lovo Design dress rental is located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. We are extremely passionate about our dancers and take pride in ensuring everything you need. We have wide range of show costumes, womenswear, menswear and accessories. Our luxurious, elegant and unique products are designed by outstanding and constantly novatory designers. All products are available for rental and of course for purchase. Step into our world and let us transform your performance into a dream coming true.



Beauty, gracefulness, glamour, attractiveness for women who wants to become goddesses.


Style, elegance, diversity for charismatic men who wants to enchant the audience.